Friday, January 19, 2007

Internet - Alexa

It's been said that I'm as dense as a porn-star's money-shot; so it's not surprising that Alexa is news to me. This site is like the Nielson Ratings of the internet. Here you can find the most popular websites on the internet and even monitor changes in a Dow Jones spirit. Browse by country or subject. It's a great way to find what's hot or even discover sites that are tailored to your interests.

It's cool. Check it out.



Never know what you'll dig-up. Keep at it, I'd never find this stuff in a million years.

I put up a new mast head, and tinkered with the side bars. Tell me if it's reading "funny".

Your google box, on the right hand side doesn't fit the width of your side bar.
I'll look at it.

Matt Elmore said...

That's wierd. It fits on my screen and on the screen at work which has a low resolution. Your resolution is close to mine and we both got Firefox. I'll change it this afternoon anyway.


Actually, I'm looking at it in Safari. They tell me it's a "Pickier" browser. I still see about 4 pixels stickin out.

I'm still foolin' with the masthead, and in Firefox, it compresses the graphic, in Safari it reads fine.