Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Psychology - Art and Personality

By the same group who brought you the Brain Sex Test, here's an Art and Personality test that matches your taste to your personality. It's kind of long, and for me the taste part wasn't very accurate. But the personality profile was right on. Not a bad thing to do if you have 15 minutes to spend.



Thanks Matt ... That's what I was talking about .

Matt Elmore said...

Bob! Is that a sarcastic commentary on my failure to write about Barcelona? Come on, paisano. These things take time. And Wednesday's my worst day of the week. And I need inspiration. And I got the flu. And I'm sad about Wesley Snipe's tax troubles. And, Christ, whatever else.

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

Yep, I see what you mean about the art portion of the test. But yeah, the personality one was more accurate, although I would hope it would be since they were our answers.

The art one???? Either you like something or don't I guess. Some of them tended to make me strain my eyes, so, uh, guess what, I didn't like those. Pretty cool though

Matt Elmore said...

I've seen more accurate Art/Personality tests on the back pages of fashion magazines.

What I thought was most interesting about the test, though, was that what I liked and disliked didn't always coincide with how talented I thought the artist was. It's good that they make you weigh and compare the two. Kind of expands the horizons.