Monday, February 26, 2007

Online Tests - Career Self-Assessment

My original intention was to direct readers to the site for career enhancement personality tests. But, it turns out that Monster doesn't offer the same tests that they did some years ago. Apparently the Myers-Briggs/Kiersey mafia has decided that there's too much money to be made instead of offering the tests free. But here's a site that links to many of the tests for free. Worth trying out if you're interested in a career change, or even getting started on a career.

Personally, I found them remarkably accurate. For example, one suggestion was that I should go into animation. I actually took their advice a few years ago and shelled out three grand for an animation school. Though I was considerably older than most of the other students, my natural abilities surpassed them in most every respect.

Unfortunately, I chose the wrong school --probably because I had been smitten by the receptionist. The teachers were excellent professional animators who had no idea how to teach, and the demo reel that I was promised to have at the end of the course never materialized. Money lost, career put on hold. And I never got more than a lunch date out of the receptionist.

But don't let my unfortunate experience discourage you from trying these tests. If you feel lost and don't know which way to go --career-wise-- try out these tests. It just might change your life for the better.



Matt ... I saw a tease for Andy's new show last night. It ran during the Simpson's. It starts next weekend, and they're plugging it into their Sunday night line-up. That's good.
It was a good clip.

Matt Elmore said...

That's good to hear. Andy Bobrow is a really nice guy with an excellent sense of humour. I sent him a hat´s-off after seeing "The Old Negro Space Program," and he sent his gratitude personally. Not too many people will do that. Though it's also good marketing, he seems to be truly sincere in his appreciation of the public. Reminds me of when I saw Morphine in concert back in the 90's.